Find My Way Home

Today I find myself revisiting this post that originally existed on the old iliw site a few years back.

Perhaps Jupiter and Saturn made me do it. Could have been the loss of our cat too.

RIP Autumn sweetie. The thought of you cold and alone breaks my heart, but I remind myself that your body was not YOU. You really were the coolest cat EVER. We miss you. Sebastian, show her around and take care of her.

Here is some version of that original post...

I stand mortal, small, feeble, at the feet of a Jon and Vangelis collaboration. The collaboration between Jon Anderson, the spiritual lead vocalist from Yes, and Vangelis Papathanassiou, the Greek composer/synthesizing wizard (and mastermind behind the Chariots of Fire score), is a sacred union.

“I’ll Find My Way Home” is a heavenly tune from their second album, The Friends of Mr. Cairo (2nd edition, 1981). This song erupts from a mystic well—and the hand-in-hand, fist-clenching passion of their collaboration builds a solid, ricocheting structure, which bounces hope around the atmosphere and breathes existence into each tranquil cloud it taps. Every time I hear this song I begin to reflect on the time that follows our immanent conclusion (in death), and for me, my conclusions on this end may always be a toss-up between nothing and everything. Jon and Vangelis push me more toward the latter.

In listening to “I’ll Find My Way Home,” I imagine stepping away from the grunt and load of a mechanical, industrial setting and journeying long through a calming, cool garden field. A few paces past the end of the tall stalks of corn, I reach the front lawn of a quaint, old country house where Jon sits, a firm straw of wheat spinning between his lips, and Vangelis, grinning through his beard, stands ready before his keyboard. They are there to greet me, and I am the most content I have ever been.

When I’m lost this song finds me and reminds me that “I’m not alone. Somehow I’ll find my way home.”

A BONUS BIT that I've been meaning to post, but intentions aren't interventions and I have a virus of the brain that tries (and often succeeds) at keeping me from things.

I've got some posts over on Babou 691 too. Babou is home to a whole host of masters in the realm of BIZARRE. If weird is your thing (and let's be honest, it is everyone's thing), you'll want to check out that site. While you're there, be sure to take a look at my series on John Waters. Hell, go wild and visit it all. Loads of great content there. Grab your preferred poison(s), read, and ENJOY.

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