My Shrinking Fat Belly: A Surrogate's Site

My sister's book is now available on Amazon (and through other online book sellers).

My Shrinking Fat Belly: A Surrogate's Side is heartbreaking, stirring, inspiring... and I suppose what I'm trying to say is this: one should expect to be both moved and encouraged by my sister's words.

I will never fully understand how hard it was for my sister to carry a child who did not belong to her. But her book does offer some insight into how deep her feelings ran during this process.

Her journey was a tumultuous and healing one and watching her travel on this path helped me to be even more aware of the impact we have on each other. Further, it served as a reminder for me to continue to strive to be kinder than I was the day before.

My sister is an amazing woman, and this book tells just one of her many incredible stories.

Our experiences shape us, and this experience undoubtedly shaped her, but she refused to allow the negative aspects and outcomes to consume her. Instead, she worked toward her own personal growth and responded with love.

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