Pan the Room

What was I thinking? Writing and posting on a tumultuous election day during a global pandemic... like, why would I promise that? Motivated, flexible, and spry must have smacked me in the ass last week, and I guess I liked it. But then... what? Did I forget that I liked it?

Apologies for that promise. Worry not though, I placed that annoying initial gumption in the sketchiest corner of my office space for a indeterminant amount of time in clock out and pout.

YOU, stay there and think about what you did!

Still, I have a modest something offer. I have a light, leavened loaf of bread to share.

Go on, rip off a wedge.

It's warm comfort food cloaked in a delicious, golden crust. Here's a tablespoon pat of butter too.

Who said carbohydrates weren't beneficious? Not I.

Hobbits get it!

I offer the best bread too; it's the bread of self care.

It's a reminder that your time is your time, and in the most profound awareness, you control how your time is spent.

You get to decide how you decorate your time.

It can be decorated...

In laughter and listening to stories and good music.

In doing something you love to do.

In creating.

In TikToking.

In phoning a friend.

In silence.

In talking... asking for an extra therapy session or starting therapy.

... stepping outside... if you can.

... saking long, deep breaths.

In resting.

And in doing what you have to do to get through the rest of this week.

We can do it together.


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