Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting

Morning too, if you're an early bird and feel keen on battling after coffee.

Yawn and stretch and put up your fists!

"Yes, I'll take my coffee with blood and sugar this morning."

Fighting is ridiculous, isn't it? Is is necessary? I don't know, but it does seem inevitable... with that volatile cocktail that is, HUMAN. Thoughts and emotions... it's all too much. Often, I think that this inevitable cumulative crashing happens because there's such a raw, unresolved assortment of turmoils taking place in our heads. That's where the REAL ultimate showdown takes place, in our tornado brains. We need guides, and I think we should all be blessed with the direction and enlightenment that occurs in therapy. Of course, one does have to want change (in self, not others) in order for a positive internal change to occur. It's true. You have to want it. And I don't think everyone wants that. Well, when they can be honest, they do. Denial is easy street though. Honesty, NOW, that's some dark, seedy, underbelly bullshit, but only because facing our true selves, standing naked and alone with all of our flaws, is terrifying. Still, if we could all be a little more honest, a lot more forthright... if we would allow ourselves to speak our truths (to ourselves and to others), we could let that good, healthy healing begin.

Collectively, we're having those hard conversations. And some of the hardest conversations start with talking to yourself and then, sharing with those you love the most.

That's where I've been this week.

I've been doing a deep dive, telling things I've never told, alleviating guilt, and writing my most honest work yet.

It's been a rough damn week, but worthwhile. I know it... and it's an immediate know, because I'm already reaping the benefits. I KNOW I'm on the right path to living my best life yet.

Those internal battles continue and may for some time as I work to change the tapes in my head, but I am going to come out on top.

Unless, Mr. Rogers gets there first.

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