Shook Suggests - "Pure"

“Don’t sell the dreams you should be keeping.”

Today, I choose a hit tune from The Lightning Seeds (Ian Broudie) with hopes of spurring a Mylar inflation of merriment. “Pure” drifted into mainstream awareness in 1989 and has been an invigorating and agreeable friend since.

For me, listening to “Pure” can be likened to cuddling on a pier by the reflection of a flickering night sky with a nocturne of tender waves. I also think of this song as a smile, a compliment, or a pinch of prophetic encouragement from a glowing stranger. Part of its appeal resides in Broudie’s rousing and imaginative lyrical landscape mated with his genuine delivery. “I love you” trickles with deliberate candor from his mouth like the natural and chaste flow of a gleaming brook.

Broudie’s words tap into a simple wisdom which comes gift-wrapped in youthful vigor. I urge you to simply listen and surrender. If you regret even a second of this lovely pop experience, I vow to personally refund your time—or at the very least, squander an additional minute or two arguing merits.

Destiny ships this song to you on this day. Listen—and voyage to “where feelings not reasons can make you decide.”

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