Shook Suggests - "Resurrection Fern"

A prelude to winter, AUTUMN is here, and I welcome you to the fall of it all. May these days bring you bouquets of color and cool, rustic vibes. My offerings—a brisk, fall flashback.


On a recent trip in the mist, I allowed my cell to shuffle-amuse me and randomly select tunes to provide the soundtrack for a murky morning saunter-bout. The music tunneled through the wires of my auditory buds, strolled into my skull, and inevitably inspired my selection for today.

My legs worked like hedge shears to cut through the fog and my giant clumsy body blew down the intricately woven and glossy works of art tied between fences and trees (Charlotte would have been displeased) as I wrapped around a twist in the road and in the distance saw a squirrel standing upright, dead center. At that moment, wedged between ELO’s “Eldorado” and an Early Winters song, Iron & Wine’s “Resurrection Fern” tiptoed into my head, and I knew I wouldn’t be getting home anytime soon.

“Resurrection Fern” would also set the tone for my observations. I collected images of hemorrhaging trees and their fallen sistren in masses along the road as they coalesced and settled on providing winter warmth. I witnessed a weathered man skulking uphill from his backyard with a snow shovel in hand (quickened my pace a bit at that one). I saw what I assumed were remnants of teenage pranks in a trail of corn husks and their scattered yellow beads dumped in driveways while I inhaled those first fumes of out-of-shape chimney pants. I waved at neighbors as they gathered brush and debris from their yards—and I wholeheartedly believed my cell phone knew the time of year as it strummed on with its slow-crooning folk song incarnation of fall.

Fall serves as a reminder to slow down, relax, and enter a realm of harvest gourds, apple indulgence, and cinnamon bouquets before the ash and gray-brown decay of winter roosts on the greens. And in a world where so many of us are waking to ringtones, rushing through cordiality, and jumping straight into our hamster wheel routines to roll-in-place until Friday—we would do well to welcome a reminder to sit back, sip on life, and appreciate that we are here to do so.

As Sam Beam (Iron & Wine) harmonizes with the poetry between the gentle sighs of fading leaves while they ponder and rest their weary eyes for a spell, know that whatever intellectual conclusions you make about the meaning of “Resurrection Fern” matter not. It’s totally about how and what this song makes you feel.

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