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Toto Coelo - "I Eat Cannibals"

For absolutely no reason at all, a tune. Actually, the image of a person eating a cannibal to a bouncy, '80s pop tune provides a rather engaging and blissful visual for me.

That's my kind of meat.

That's the only reason, I suppose, and reason enough!

It's also super groovy to say "Toto Coelo" (UK name, changed to Total Coelo for US to alleviate any possible confusion with the band Toto, because clearly we wouldn't be able to tell the difference.)

Anyway, if I can work those words into a conversation, I will.

"Why yes, I'll have the steak, rare, with a side of cannibal mash and stew, Toto Coelo style, ya dig?"

"I Eat Cannibals" tucks nicely onto any mixed tape that's worth its weight in gamma ferric oxide. In fact, it's on the "Just In Case" mix I carry around in the back pocket of my e'erday jeans. You know, for that frequent occasion when I'm presented with an impromptu party, which happens more than I care to admit.

They call me, "Ms. Personality."

Just In Case

Side A:

1. Toto Coelo - "I Eat Cannibals"

2. Jan Terri - "Losing You"

3. The Flirts - "Jukebox(Don't Put Another Dime)"

4. Blotto - "I Wanna Be a Lifeguard"

5. Off - "Electrica Salsa"

6. Malcolm McLaren and The Bootzilla Orchestra - "Waltz Darling"

Side B:

1. Sonseed "Jesus Is My Friend"

2. Transvision Vamp - "Baby I Don't Care"

3. Toto (Not Coelo) - "Stranger in Town"

4. Kim Carnes "Crazy in the Night (Barking at Airplanes)"

5. Liquid Gold "Dance Yourself Dizzy"

6. Paul Lekakis "So I Heard"

Party solid.

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